What are Components?

The Kodexa platform is made up of several types of component, however all these components share some common attributes.

Components are owned by Organizations

A component is owned by an organization, and only one organization. However, a component can be “public” allowing it to be used by other Organizations.

A Component can be identified through a Reference

All components are identified using their reference (or ref). This is made up of the slug for the organization, the component’s slug and then the version. For example:


Types of Component

There are several types of component:

Stores are a general capability to hold documents, data, code or models
Taxonomies are how we represent data structures in Kodexa
Project Templates
These capture the metadata to allow you to create and make public new project templates for the UI
Assistant Definitions
The definition of an assistant, these can then be created as an instance of an assistant in a project
The most basic unit of functionality in a pipeline
Re-useable pipeline definitions that can be used